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Hi! I am a co-op candidate for the Bachelor of Architectural Science at Ryerson University and a Toronto-based freelance designer. With a passion for architecture and other user-oriented designs, I have worked on several design-built installations, and graphics projects for a variety of organisations, including Toronto Design Offsite Festival, TODO Come Up to My Room, Ryerson University Department of Architectural Science, Toronto Chinese Disciples Church, Sukkahville, and more.

Architecture fascinates me as it can transform the relationship between us and the space that we are embodied in; I truly believe in its ability to enhance the quality of our everyday lives. The technical and functional aspect of the study along with the aesthetic element encourages me to discover the possibility through exploration of ordinary objects, with my abilities in 3D visualization, rendering, modelling, and other digital fabrication tools.

I am highly interested in collaborating with like-minded creators and opportunities of working with different mediums.

For inquiries, please e-mail me at