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Rift Restaurant


Rift represents the transforming process from the high-rise condominiums surrounding the site to the great openness of Lake Ontario. The fusion between traditional Chinese dim sum and bar culture from the West introduces a collision between cuisines and provides a sharing food experience. The concept of transparency is crucial for this project, as the magnificent view of nature is being presented as an immediate context. Steel framing structure is used to emphasise the exposed and translucence quality of this space. Viewing from the exterior, the site can be seen not only from the sidewalks but the top as well; therefore, all the exposing facades must be interesting and evokes curiosity. As the functional space changes from private to public, the verticality of the restaurant evolves correspondingly, which highlights the separation of the programs without utilising any solid spatial dividers. As the customers enter this space, there is an instant visual overview of the different programs in the restaurant. The idea of an open kitchen behind the bar enhances the customers’ connection with the chefs/bartenders and further intensify the notion of transparency.